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Regulating for real

Are you into the regulation business or the regulatory affairs? If you are you are into a business that has the future laying for its feet. Yes, I do believe that this has to be done as soon as possible and to regulate is what we really need right now. So why not just try to get a grip and a hold over what is really worth so we also can fit this inside the good standards of what is really important. So try to do this and find what is really good so we also can get the ...


At my work we have a new customer. He wants to sell resources against a particular disease. Because we want to be good informed we read a lot about these resources. Now I am reading something about chondroitin and I can tell you that is not easy. Some of the things I have to read are very technical and sometimes also medical. This makes my work very varied but also very difficult. It often takes more time to get to know all about because I need that information else I can not write about it. Sometimes I switch to something ...